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Calls for application

Below you can find information on job vacancies currently being advertised by the EMCDDA.

Reference number Vacancy Contract Closing date Status
EU4MD.CA.2021.01 Project Financial agent Contract agent (M/F) FGII 01.03.2021 Applications under assessment
AD.2021.01 Scientific analyst: health and social responses Temporary agent (M/F) AD 6 04.03.2021 Applications under assessment
CA.2021.01 Database management development officer Contract agent (M/F) FGIII 18.03.2021 Applications under assessment
EMCDDA4GE.CA.2021.01 Project Coordinator Contract agent (M/F) FGIV 12.04.2021 Applications under assessment
EMCDDA4GE.CA.2021.03 Project administrative and financial agent Contract agent (M/F) FGII 15.04.2021 Applications under assessment
EMCDDA4GE.CA.2021.02 Project scientific analyst on health Contract agent (M/F) FGIV 15.04.2021 Applications under assessment
AD.2020.02 Scientific writer and policy analyst Temporary agent (M/F) AD 6 24.07.2020 Selection procedure concluded
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